About Us

RCF Poker League is established in North Houston, Spring, Humble, and the Woodlands. We provide entertainment for patrons of local establishments by playing Texas Hold'em. We can play other games as well, however Texas Hold'em is the most popular right now. We do have an established base of players that we can bring in, however we prefer to build your own fan base of patrons. Not only do we prefer to build your own fan base for your establishment, that also means repeat customers who will come on a regular basis.

We host 3 to 4 quarterly tournaments each year giving away over $1000 in prizes along with our daily tournaments. Each quarterly event will be hosted at one of our venues that can accommodate the number of players that qualified. A yearly event will be hosted as well to send someone to a WSOP event.

Qualifying players for the quarterly events must have a minimum number of times played and a minimum amount of points. Points will be based upon the number of players and the place made in each daily tournament.  All points start over after each quarterly tournament.

Is this legal? Yes. This is clearly documented on TABC's website, as well as our own website under Texas Gambling Laws. http://www.tabc.state.tx.us/leginfo/Poker/default.htm